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Team MantasWrap

We select our team carefully and with precision. Requirements for our personnel are extremely high. Installation is not the first priority when selecting new team member. We believe that anything can be learned to match our standards. Most important is dedication, character, culture and passion which drives our company. 

Tadas Pranckevicius MantasWrap PPF Installer

Tadas Pranckevicius

Paint expert & PPF Installation

Expertise: Paint & restoration, PPF, Hardware, Preparation


Tadas Babicas

Leading installer

Expertise: PPF, Vinyl wraps, Window tint, Production, Hardware, Preparation

MantasWrap CEO Mantas Juozapaitis

Mantas Juozapaitis


Expertise: PPF, Vinyl Wraps, Window Tint, Graphics & Design, Production

Looking for new job opportunities?

MantasWrap is constantly looking for people who has passion to the cars and our industry. We always give a chance to anyone who shows enthusiasm to work with us. We believe in hard work and dedication to the company, not the talent. No one has been born with the talent, talent is a long road and craftsmanship which delivers final results and describes talent as itself.

Currently we are looking for these positions:

- PPF and/or vinyl wrap installer

- Technical assistant (preparation, disassembly of the cars, production)

- Sales representative (customer service, sales, communication, logistics. Required fluent Norwegian language)

Would you like to introduce yourself? Send us an email with your CV and short introduction!

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