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Knowing your needs, will help you to choose best possible training for you or your staff. Every workshop has different goals, different needs and different skill level. Anything from the beginner to intermediate and advanced - you choose. 

Below is a listed course programmes that  will help you to determine what you might need. 

Guaranteed professional experience, good emotions, attention to detail,

one-on-one advice and most important - skill development. 

If you wish to have individual programme, get price quote or any other request - please contact Mantas by email


Vinyl Wrap
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Currently available courses for Beginner, Basic & Advanced are available throughout Print Supplies Academy, based in Norway. 

Feel free to contact me or Print Supplies for availability.

You can also check scheduled workshops:

Individual program? Contact me

Paint Protection FILM (PPF)

All PPF, Window Tint courses are managed through Consol AS.

Contact me or Consol for detailed information.

Individual program? Contact me
Window Tint
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